Rochdale: Your Premier Source of Lobotomized Liberal Opinion

First step: nationalize the banks. Second step: nuke the valley! Third step: eat well and die surrounded by family.

Rochdale: Your Premier Source of Lobotomized Liberal Opinion

Rochdale is a Canadian blog of culture and politics. Its explicit aim is to reshape Canadian society through “pretty decent” writing. Imagine a group of millennials discovered a cache of Depression-era armaments and emerged ready for war. First step: Nationalize the banks. Second step: Nuke the Valley! Third step: Eat well and die surrounded by family.

Why is working a dead end job considered better than doing nothing when you have a Master’s Degree in Literature from the University of Regina? How are we going to pay for grandpa’s retirement when he’s done nothing but vote for tax cuts all his miserable life? Is Justin Trudeau ready to be Prime Minister? Rochdale answers questions like these with real facts and entirely made-up arguments.

Most liberal papers in Canada seem to take things lying down. They are embattled, cozy, or run by insufferable suck-ups. Conservative rags still seem to think that Marx is a problem, or that olde timey masculinity is worth saving (it isn’t—sorry “lads”!). Everything is and is not about Donald fucking Trump.

Not so with Rochdale.

Rochdale is a Canadian flag on the side of a polished chrome passenger plane. We’re all going somewhere warm. There will be novelty ice creams.

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